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PsyMax Solutions Smart Online Employee Selection, Development and Coaching Products
PsyMax Solutions helps employers dramatically reduce employee turnover by hiring the right people and developing key talent.

Integrated HR Solutions

Industry studies prove that a bad hire can cost a company 150% of the terminated employee's annual salary, not to mention the effect a bad hire can have on the long-term viability of the business.

Leveraging the Work Style AssessmentSM (WSA) inventory, our proprietary online assessment, PsyMax Solutions focuses on helping employers through the employee selection and employee development processes. This allows companies in industries like retail, restaurant management, hospitality, healthcare and financial services, where high employee turnover is common place, to tackle their biggest challenge – hiring and keeping the right people.

PsyMax Solutions offers:

  • A company founded by practicing industrial and organizational psychologists with over 40 years combined experience.
  • A very economical portfolio of online employee selection, employee development, and employee coaching tools that allow companies to better manage their human resource capital, their people, to retain top talent and lower employee turnover.
  • PsyMax Solutions Online HR Solutions - innovative tools and programs that are powered by the Internet to quickly administer and facilitate the employee selection, employee development, and employee coaching processes.
  • Fully integrated HR solutions that will work with your company's existing human resource systems.

Online Assessment Product Suite

Employee Selection

Employee Development

Employee Coaching

Career Planning and Exploration

Employee Leadership Development

See www.psymaxsolutions.com for complete information.


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