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highbridge associates has developed a series of consultative support services that work to provide a menu of programs to enhance the human capital element of any organization.

Testing &  Assessment    Assimilation & Onboarding   

Executive Coaching    Leadership Development

Testing & Assessment

Highbridge consultants are trained and experienced in a variety of testing and assessment applications and methodologies that can be applied in a variety of situations. These programs might include testing and assessment to establish a benchmark against certain attributes and skills, analyzing certain functional areas to evaluate existing performance or establish a standard for new hires.

Additionally, clients call upon us to conduct partial or comprehensive reviews of their human resource and recruiting functions, requesting that we make recommendations supporting continuous improvement or realignment of the function.

Assimilation & Onboarding

Highbridge consultants work to support executive search and other programs where clients are concerned about the ability of new hires to "hit the ground running" shortly after they have joined the organization. In order to assure the relative success of a new employee, certain support counseling may be provided to assist the new hire and his or her staff gain alignment with priorities, goals and objectives, while creating an atmosphere that enhances a team orientation. Programs in this area also include assistance to organizations concerned about losing valuable human capital after an acquisition or merger, in the post-integration process.

Executive Coaching

Highbridge consultants have consistently worked in partnership with organizations facing challenges with executives who are no longer aligned with organizational goals or have the potential to disrupt the balance and team orientation of the peer group. In certain situations, clients seek out our consultants to have high potential executives gain additional management or team-building skills, as part of an overall program for their development track inside the organization.

Leadership Development

Highbridge associates maintains a partnership with a world-renowned leadership development consultant, Cynder Niemela, a Professional Certified Coach who has 20 years of experience coaching executives and business teams worldwide. Cynder has been featured in Fortune Magazine, HR Magazine and Training and Development Magazine, among others. The leadership work she has conducted for organizations include such entities as Ernst & Young, Hewlett-Packard and Oracle. Ms. Niemela and her colleague, Rachel Lewis, recently published an executive coaching and leadership book entitled, "Leading High Impact Teams."


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