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Diversity & Inclusion Audit Services

Highbridge Associates offers a Diversity & Inclusions (D&I) review service to clients interested in identifying opportunities to improve and maximize current D&I initiatives and investment. The HBA D&I Review includes the following checklist of activities:

  • Engaging Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) in recruitment and retention efforts
    Integrating D&I into existing learning and development programs for leaders, managers, supervisors and employees
  • Leveraging required Affirmative Action/Harassment training and to engage in a dialogue about the current challenges in the workplace with regard to race, gender, religion and other protected classes
  • Reviewing employee opinion survey (EOS) data to ensure that perspectives and experiences are consistent across all demographic groups; then addressing disparities
  • Ensure that the hiring process and the results are unbiased, i.e. go beyond diverse slates to ensure hiring decisions are made by a diverse group of managers, interview questions include diversity, and that all candidates meet a diverse group of associates
  • Ensure top executives continue to promote diversity throughout the organization as well as in the external community
  • Revise and update the corporate strategy for diversity

The D&I Review and Audit can be executed as a packaged offering at a set price of $2,500 per day which includes at least one day of on-site consulting and a written executive summary report. Additional D&I consulting, training design/development/delivery services are generally charged at $1,800 - $2,500 per day.

Highbridge Associates is currently assisting clients in the development and execution of programs and initiatives across all of these areas. D&I client engagements in the past 18 months include CVS/Caremark, E.ON, Marathon, BP, U.S. Steel, PNC, Progressive Insurance and others.


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